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In the worst year anyone can remember, our creative team choose to take a journey into exploring how to make theatre/film that responds to the moment.  We had full design package ready to go for Heddatron by Elizabeth Meriwether, when the pandemic hit.  During the racial reckoning and social unrest of our country that was happening in the summer of 2020, we decided we did not want to spend our time and energy creating a zoom reading.  We wanted to create new work that helped us to make sense of the world as it was happening to us while giving us the chance to learn sustainable skills that would make us marketable if the pandemic continued to persist.

Enter Year of the Tiger, a pseudo documentary surrealist play written and directed by Khristián Méndez Aguirre that addresses who we make sense of the truth when it isn't entertaining.  Blending elements of theatre and film, we were able to make moments of magical realism and surrealism collide when a tiger takes over the show.  My design works to bend reality, leveraging new methods of controlling commercial grade color changing LEDs through a lighting console over wifi, the emotions ripple through the lighting fixtures in saturated colored waves as we play with reality.  As Tiger's emotions grow, so do the theatrical moments and saturated colors as they take over the environment.

Production Documents

Year of the Tiger

March 2021

Director: Khristián Méndez Aguirre

Scenic Design: Chris Conard

Costume Design: Lindsey Rae Thurston

Media Design: Zoey Crow

Lighting Design: Bill Rios

Photo Credit: Jacob Eaker and Chris Conard Courtesy of the University of Texas at Austin

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