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TYA Award Winning 

Lighting Designer

Bill Rios has been working in Theatre for Young Audiences since 2008 when he served as the Lead Electrician at Childsplay in Tempe, AZ. 
He recently finished his MFA in Theatre with an emphasis in Lighting Design at the University of Texas at Austin.  While attending he received The 2020 Don and Elizabeth Doyle Fellowship for demonstrated artistic excellence in Theatre for Young Audiences.  It was a great honor to receive this award, especially as a lighting designer.  
Below you can access the portfolio that was submitted for the award as well as additional galleries that show further productions developed and designed for Young Audiences.


After more of a decade of experience in the entertainment industry,  Bill finally decided to attend graduate school for lighting design in 2018 and choose The University of Texas at Austin.  This was partly because of the Drama and Theatre for Youth and Communities and their contributions to the TYA community.  Through this connections Bill was able to work on on multiple new works that utilized the Paper Boat platform

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