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TYA Award Winning 

Lighting Designer

Bill Rios is a dedicated professional in the field of Theatre for Young Audiences, with a rich history starting in 2008 when he first served as the Lead Electrician at Childsplay in Tempe, AZ. Since then, his passion and expertise have taken him to various prestigious venues across the country, where he has left his mark designing for TYA productions. Some of his notable works include captivating lighting designs for renowned institutions such as Nashville Children's Theatre, University of Texas at Austin, and Magik Theatre in San Antonio.

We are thrilled to present a carefully curated selection of Bill Rios' TYA Lighting Designs below, showcasing his exceptional talent and creative vision. Additionally, for those interested in exploring more of his impressive portfolio, we provide access to the award submission and additional galleries featuring further captivating productions developed and designed for Young Audiences.

We hope you enjoy this glimpse into the world of TYA lighting artistry, brought to life by the incredible work of Bill Rios.

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