Design Statement

An investigation of embodiment and our virtual identity, In the Ether is a staged rehearsal of possible cyborg realities. Utilizing live streaming, emergent technologies and performance, In the Ether explores elements of cyborg and queer theories by challenging our core notions of perception and existence in a cybernetic world. 

What was challenging and rewarding about creating this pieces was investigating how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.  The recorded section of the piece was essentially being found in the space, melding the elements together in real time.  My co-designers and I had to find ways to navigate that uncertainty while still creating aesthetically pleasing work .  Additionally, we were navigating methods for the dancers to embody the light, which took the form of dancers controlling a rover boom, wearing LED pixel tape and chasing colored moving gobos that were being controlled by the programmer using EOS' new Augment3d software in real time. 

The at home portion of the experience challenged me to to let go of dictating every element and quality of light to many different performers.  Instead I took the path of educating them in basic lighting theory, sent them consumer level lighting equipment, and empowered them to find their own aesthetics through movement and light.

The piece culminated in a series of viewings, both recorded and live from performers homes, in the style of an interactive website where the viewer had agency over what they were viewing.