Design Statement

Imaginators was one of my earliest professional lighting designs, and was an incredible formative experience.  This show started as a school tour, where the actors loaded and unloaded the set, props, costumes and even sound equipment 2-3 times a day to the delight of thousands of children.  Lighting was the last element to be added to experience once the tour landed in the Studio theatre at the Tempe Performing Arts Center.  Having the experience of watching and feeling this play several times with the intended audience became the primary theme of my thesis, Youth Devised Design, asking how do we as designers center young people into our creative process when we make work for them.

This show rides a wave of magical realism that transforms the space through the imagination of the young characters.  Their stories and make believe send us to space ships under attack by aliens lit by red sirens ala Star Trek to magical kingdoms under attack by the mysterious Mooklecratz.  The lighting is pulled into these various worlds by the power of the young characters' imaginations.