Bill Rios

Lighting Designer


Magic Box

By: Lina Chambers

University of Texas at Austin

Winship Studio 1.134

Theatre and Dance Department

Drama and Theatre for Youth and Communities

Thesis Project

Devisors & Performers: Laura Epperson, Kaci Pelias

Sound Designer, Foley Artist, Devisor: Jada Cadena

Costume Designer: Laura Gonzalez

Magic Box is a Theatre for the Very Young Audience (TVYA) created by Lina Chambers as a 3rd Year Drama and Theatre for Youth and Communities (DTYC) graduate student.  The piece was conceived by watching a pre-school class at play during recess over many school days.  Lina and her team, then created the treatment and brought it to the pre-school for them observe.  

After that intial performance, we brought the piece into University of Texas at Austin's Winship Studio 1.134 where we added lighting to the production.  

Photo: Lina Chambers

Comparison between Performances

Video: Lina Chambers