Magik Theatre | San Antonio, TX

Director: Anthony Runfola

Scenic Design: Karen Arredondo

Costume Design: Yesenia Tafur

Cinematographer: Sarah Lasley
Stage Manager: Rebecca Dose

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Design Statement

Maddi's Fridge is a play about food insecurity and how young people build empathy to solve difficult social problems around them.

I used the lighting to help create a color story that communicated the warmth of security that knowing that you will have food vs a cool environment where this security is not present.  This is communicated subtly in different white light color temperatures in each environment of the kitchens.  It is intensified when Maddi's friend Sophia is picturing her friend and intensifying the saturation of the color in the world through her growing empathy.

This production was built as a touring production that could fit in a van, but was first produced in the Theatre with lighting elements.  Additionally, we adjusted the lighting for camera so the production could be released on streaming services for audiences not ready to be in public places during the pandemic.