Bill Rios

Lighting Designer




Theoretical Project

Lighting Studio II - Fall 2018 - University of Texas at Austin

Steppenwolf Theatre

Professor: Ann Wrightson

Intimate Apparel is a play that explores the theme of how we present ourselves to the external world in contrast to our internal emotions.  Much like how we hide our intimate apparel with the clothes society is willing to accept.  

Additionally the piece explores racism and class issues at the turn of the 20th century. The first line of the play references the civil war, effectively setting the story in a particular time.

Mood Boards

My design uses a strong sense of isolation to help single out the character's intimate worlds and enhanced it with specials for each room to individualize each scene and location.  Additionally I used paintings of New York City and Panama City to inform my color choices, finding rich amber, lavender and deep blues.  Using steep side light I aimed to create shadows in the faces of the characters which I could then fill in, using color to point to an emotional quality of the scene, color from a low angle front fill.

Act/Scene Breakdown

List of Needs

Cue Descriptions

Magic Sheet

Lighting Plot and Section

Lighting Plot and Section

Lighting PW