by: Karen Zacarías


Magik Theatre | San Antonio, TX

Director: Anthony Runfola

Scenic Design: Holly Windingstad
Stage Manager: Rebecca Dose


Design Statement

Ella Enchanted is a retelling of the classical story of Cinderella. In our musical, Ella cleverly solves her own problems and saves the day, reframing the classical patriarchal storybook tale to a feminist lens.

For our design, we wanted the ability to change the environment too quickly to help keep the fast pace of the musical.  To do this, and to establish a unique style, the Scenic Designer, Holly Windingstad, and I decided to turn the set into a giant paper cut light box, allowing us to control the color and depth quickly.  

To help facilitate this design, I partnered with Mega-Lite, a local manufacture, to borrow state of the art color changing LED fixtures and moving lights otherwise not available to the Theatre. This partnership and the design helped lend a magical tone to the show otherwise not possible.