Lighting Designer

Design Statement

The Creek Monster Habitat is one of the installations featured at Waterloo Greenway’s 6th Annual Creek Show. It is an illuminated, interactive multi-sensory art installation designed and constructed by our Texas Applied Arts special projects students, with help from UT Austin staff, student workers, faculty, and guest artists.

Our design centered around creating a habitat that the mascot, the creek monster, would build it's nest.  The design had to be accessible to tens of thousands of visitors while maintaining a magical and ephemeral vibration that elevated the natural environment we found ourselves in.  Immersed in colorful canopy lighting, visitors would be greeted with the nest and black light activated ground cover as we extended the creek the show was celebrating onto the ground level.

Production Documents

Photo Credit: Laura Adriana Godinez

Creek Monster Activation

November 2019

Creative Team

Curator/Instructor: Karen Maness

Exhibit Designer: Delena Bradley

Media Designer: Michael Bruner

Lighting Designer: Bill Rios

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