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by: Kristoffer Diaz

Chad Deity: Text

ZACH Theater | Austin, TX

Director: Jerry Ruiz

Scenic Design: Inseung Park

Costume Design: Harry Nadal
Media Design: John Erickson

Sound Design: Phillip Owen

Photo Credit: Austin Brown

Chad Deity: Text
Chad Deity: Pro Gallery

Design Statement

The way I think about the production is an attempt to hold a prism to the beam of systemic racism, with the hope of examining specific wavelengths closer.  The lighting is a product of those concentrated vibrations as they interact with our heroes and storytellers.

3 wavelengths

Storytelling: In its purest form, the storytelling light scape is a deep blue that will lowlight the scenery and actors, never giving enough information to fully understand what is lurking in the void.  

We will be using high angled spotlights to pick up the storytellers while allowing deep shadows on the face and body for the deep blue to fill in.  

The Spectacle:  In juxtaposition, this spectrum is in your face and attempting to hide nothing.  It is the razzle dazzle, 4th July “light” show our culture uses to couch its overt racism.

And we are going to blow it da fuck up.

BTS:  The behind the scenes moments are painted in unflattering flat grey light as we show the audience the room where it happens.  Real money is made in rooms with overhead fluorescent lighting that make everyone look like an asshole.

Chad Deity: Text
Chad Deity: Text
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