Lighting Designer

Afflicted: Daughters of Salem

September 2016

Creative Team

Director: Alicia Lark Fuss

Scenic Design: David Blake

Costume Design: Patricia Taber

Lighting Design: Bill Rios

Design Statement

Afflicted: Daughters of Salem by Laurie Brooks is in a way the prequel to the crucible, centering the stories of the young women who's innocence was shattered by the pressures of puritan society and the rules of religion.  My design, started from the shadows of the forest where the young women would play and dance, keeping their innocence hidden from the pressures of society.  As the play progresses and they become further exposed, the light of the moon grows and shows the shadows of the branches reaching out to capture the characters in the claws of societal norms.  At the very end of the play, as the young women blame others to avoid punishment we see the names of the Salem Witch Trial victims glow in the branches for the audience to witness.

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