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Need to wow your client with an image of how their space will look? Want to create powerful images to get the bid?  The CEO/Director/Producer can't "see" it in their mind.

Utilizing 3D modeling and CAD software, we can create a virutal world that will help communicate your ideas and show your collaborators your vision.


This is a concept render package prepared for The Long Center in Austin, TX for James Sale Lighting. Ring and columns were modeled in Vectorworks 2022 based off of architectural plans. Lighting, background and rendering were processed in Blender 3.1.

One of my passions is finding ways to accurately represent lighting in a digital twin model.


While working with, I dove into a workflow to that took our Detailed BIM Model of the US Bank Stadium which we created for a client, imported it into Twinmotion along with 3D background (city buildings) assets from Blender.  This multiple software workflow helps us to maximize the potential of all softwares and create clean and compelling concept renders as efficiently as possible.


Using architectural drawings and photographs, I created a virtual version of the real location to demonstrate how we could upgrade the lighting in the environment and enhance the sculpture titled Chilkat by Robert Murray


The Behind the Scenes exhibit showcased 12 of the 50 historic drops from the University of Texas collection rescued from destruction by Karen Maness, curator of the exhibit and author of Art of the Hollywood Backdrop.  The exhibit gave visitors the opportunity to view large format art in a way that is rarely accessible to the general public.  Additionally, at the height of the pandemic, this exhibition was a relatively safe way to share a communal experience and a welcome departure from looking at a screen.

Utilizing the 3D capabilities of the software Vectorworks,  we were able to determine the best placement of the drops and the guest viewing pathway to maximize the standard theatrical lighting positions in the space while creating a unique and safe experience for visitors.


As part of a community engagement project for my thesis, I designed a virtual version of the Foundation Community's property the Jordan at Muller and used Vectorworks and Blender to show different ways to activate the space with light, projection and AR.  Shown here is a projection mapping render of the west wall in the courtyard of the community.  The projected image is from the story book "Greta and The Giants" written by Zoë Tucker and illustrated by Zoe Persico.

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