Lighting Designer

Photo Credit:

The Hundred Dresses

September 2017

Creative Team

Director: Ernie Nolan

Scenic Design: Mitch Massaro

Costume Design: Patricia Taber

Lighting Design: Bill Rios

The Hundred Dresses is a story about a young immigrant who tries to make friends and find her way as she starts 2nd grade.  The children in the class make fun of her because she is different and poor.  At the end of the play she and her family move because of the unkind treatment from her classmates.  The set design was a set of three turn tables with walls constructed of windows and doors, suggesting the barriers society places on those who are different, by letting them see what is normal but never letting them be a part of the group. 

The lighting design worked to craft moments of interior and exterior while keeping the abstract nature of the set prominent.  Wanda, the protagonist would carry a warm light with her into every room, bring her kindness to the other characters.

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